The Sophomore release from Kysmet is finally out!

head over to kysmet.storenvy.com to pick up a physical copy!


Coming from just south of DC is Woodbridge, VA metal band Kysmet. They carry along one simple message with them "Live life with passion." With their high octane energetic style of metal they carry out their message through action. Musically they are able to bring their own individual raw emotions out by blending fast thrash-metal like riffs with melodic harmonies and catchy one-liners through-out the songs. Live, they are a barrage of energy that is constantly hitting the audience that never seems to cease from start to finish. Whether it's a small bar or a large-scale stage, when Kysmet hits the stage, you know it.

Kysmet (pronounced: kiz-met), taken from something called "A kismet day" meaning "Everything in the universe is as it should be."